Off The Tee

By Golf Pro Graham Castanheiro

Today I will teach you how to approach and handle your shot from off the tee.

Ball Position: Off the heel of the front leg. 

Clubface Position: Square to the target.

Stance: Wide, feet even with the shoulders.

Weight Distribution: Slightly toward or on the back foot.

Hand Position: Neutral in front of the body. Arms hanging loosely  

Swing: Greater separation and rotation and loading are required.  Make certain that you transition smoothly, think low & slow as you initiate the takeaway….then go.  Hold the finish with the weight completely on the heel of the front, belt buckle facing the target, knees together, and body/spine angle maintained.

By understanding these areas of the golf swing completely along with practice and coaching, you will enjoy your game and time on the course.  Your scores will go down and you will have more personal satisfaction.

Practice with a purpose, have fun, and as Mr. Hogan once said “the secrets in the dirt.”

Happy Golfing!

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