Vacuum Packaging – What you need to know

By Executive Chef Jeff King

Vacuum packing is a type of packaging that removes air from the package prior to sealing it. You place the items in a plastic film bag, remove the air from the inside using the machine and seal the package. 

Using this machine removes oxygen in the packaging to extend the life of food and be able to store the package without taking up a lot of space.

Vacuum packing limits the growth of bacteria or fungi and preserves the components in your food for a long period of time. You can store cereals nuts, cured meats, cheese and smoked fish for long period of time. Fresh foods such as vegetables, meats and liquids can only be stored for a short period of time in the vacuum packaging because it anticipates bacterial growth.

You can store the bags in the fridge or freezer and it will be a good way to prevent freezer burn on your meats.

Vacuum packing is great for non-food items as well. If you wanted to store clothing or bedding, you are able to vacuum seal these items and will reduce the amount of clutter in your home and save space. 

You can buy a vacuum packaging machine at Canadian Tire, Walmart or Best Buy.

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