Approach Shots

By Golf Pro Graham Castanheiro

Here are some tips on how to handle approach shots

Ball Position: 2 inches off the heel of the front leg.

Clubface Position: Square to the target.

Stance: Feet inside the shoulders.

Weight Distribution: Evenly balanced on the inside of both legs.

Hand Position: Neutral in front of the body. Arms hanging loosely.

Swing: Little effort is required.  Make certain that you feel as if you are going to compress the ball at impact.  Maintain a long straight leading arm into impact supported with a cupped right wrist and a flat left wrist. Shallow divots are made on the front side of the ball.

By understanding these areas of the golf swing completely along with practice and coaching, you will enjoy your game and time on the course.  Your scores will go down and you will have more personal satisfaction.

Practice with a purpose, have fun, and as Mr. Hogan once said “the secrets in the dirt.”

Happy golfing!

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