Fundamentals of Golf

By Director of Instruction, Graham Castanheiro:

In my last blog, I shared with you a basic workout you can do at home. To continue on with that, I will share with you some drills you can do after your workout to help improve your golf game.

Grip – look for the V of your hands pointing to your rear ear and shoulder

Posture – Stand tall spine long, bend from your waist and soften your knees, look at yourself face on and down the line. Ensure the body looks athletic and joints stacked.

Rotation drills – Hands across chest on shoulders look at your rotation into your backswing and into your finish. Ensure your head does not sway back or your trail knee and hip slide. In your finish post up into a firm lead leg and maintain some side bend.

Throw away hands drill – incorporate your arms in the rotation drill above and look for arm extension at address and through impact, we only see the trail arm fold on the backswing and lead arm on the follow through. Allow for the natural pronation and supination or rolling of the forearms to occur during the rotational movements.

These drills can be done with feet together and on one leg right and left to promote higher kinetic awareness of balance and tempo.

Stay safe and stay healthy!


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