Bunker Play

By Golf Pro Graham Castanheiro

We have all been there before…your ball lands in the bunker.

Today I will teach you the steps to properly shoot your ball from the bunker.

Ball Position: Off the heel of the front leg. 

Club face Position: Open the face of wedge to the target.

Stance: Open stance wide feet, dig into sand to establish a good base.

Weight Distribution: Weight slightly toward the front foot.

Hand Position: Neutral in front of the body. Arms hanging loosely  

Swing: A feeling of splashing the sand onto the green is required; tell yourself I need more energy than my mind thinks, the sand will slow down the club head.  Be careful not to ground your club in the hazard.  Make certain that you hit slightly behind the ball and follow through with constant speed. Think low & slow as you initiate the takeaway, get your hands to travel to shoulder height on the back swing and follow through to target with your chest.

Follow these tips and you will be a pro in no time!

Remember to always have fun and see you on the course!

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