Titleist Pro V1 vs. Pro V1X

By Head Pro Justin O’Leary

Over the years, one of the most common questions I get in the pro shop is “What is the difference between the Titleist Pro V1 and the Pro V1x golf ball”? The funny thing is that what once differentiated these two golf balls has completely flipped in recent years.

The Pro V1 has a softer feel, less iron spin, and a more penetrating ball flight. Comparatively, the Pro V1x should launch higher, feel a little less soft, and offer more iron spin.

Titleist launched the Pro V1x golf ball alongside its second-generation Pro V1 golf ball in 2003, and golfers quickly understood the relationship between the two golf balls; the four-piece Pro V1x spins less than the three-piece Pro V1. That was common knowledge, embedded into the psyche of not just Titleist golf ball users, but golfers in general.

Originally, when Pro V1x was introduced, it was introduced to be a lower-spinning but higher-flying golf ball than the Pro V1.

That relationship remained for the next 14 years.

With the release of its 2017 Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls, however, Titleist switched the script. The relationship between the two golf balls changed. The 2017 Pro V1x was a higher-spinning, and still higher-flying, golf ball than the 2017 Pro V1. Some golfers didn’t realize the change, while others were simply perplexed.

So for those Titleist golf ball players out there, if you are thinking that your Pro V1 is not spinning as much as it once did, you may need to make the switch over to the Pro V1x.

For the Cedar Brae members that are interested, we have a complimentary Titleist ball fitting day scheduled for August on August 16. Please email me at Justin@cedarbraegolf.com to schedule your appointment.

Happy golfing and see you on the course!

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